Thursday, December 9, 2010


Every so often I hear a loud ticking inside of my room, but the thing is I don't have a clock or watch, I do have a digital alarm clock but it doesn't make any noise, my friends have heard it too when they enter my room, the noise comes from my door but when I step out of my room I can't hear it. It's happened many times since I moved into this house, It happens at very odd times both during the day and night.

Donna was suppose to come pick me up hours ago so we could head out to her place again and get ready for the party but I haven't heard a word from her and I can't seem to get in contact with her, It's probably nothing though, she probably just lost track of time or her and her boyfriend Dan, whom I cant get in contact with either.

What the heck? I delayed for a minute because I was checking my camera and when I turned it on it showed a video of the back of some guys head, I was confused because this is my camera and no one but me uses it and so I turned it off and on and the same two pictures and video was still there, so I plugged my chip into my laptop and checked it and my files were fine and it went back to normal and those other video's disappeared, It appeared as if they were in some sort of shop.. Very strange, I wish I had a chance to show Grant before they disappeared..

Anyway.. I'm going to wait awhile longer for Donna before I have a nap, hopefully she'll appear sooner or later so we can head on out. Maybe it got flooded out Donna's way since there are tons of floods happening around the place, I was expecting tons of bush fires but seriously It's been raining so much that people had to leave their homes.


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