Saturday, December 4, 2010

Strange Noises.

Last night it was pretty much thunder storming which I do admit I get a little on edge when storms start, but I've been hearing a lot of scratching at my door and when I open it neither any of the cats or my dogs are anywhere to be seen. But that's not the thing that bugs me, I've been hearing the same scratching at my window, I don't have any tree's with in distance of my room in order for it to be a tree tapping the window, still, no one is around nor any animals. Coincidence?

My window is actually pretty far up off the ground, too far for even some one who's tall to touch my window, perhaps it's a bird or something? Or maybe a mouse?

Moving on from that it's been so hot around here lately I couldn't sleep until late last night so you know what I did nonexistent readers? I sat and cleaned through my old stuff, I found a few of my old books and threw away most of the books and such that had scribbles all threw them. I actually really love to draw even as a child I was always drawing, but that's unimportant I suppose.

Maybe I'll show off some of the pictures on this blog at a later time, right now my scanner has been acting weird and my television wont stop making weird buzzing noises even when it's not plugged in, is that normal? Probably is..

I'm going to have to spend the rest of the day moving out all the trash I shoved in my garbage bags outside to my bins, I really hate sleeping during the night to be honest, that also means going outside alone in the dark is a no no unless some one else is with me, thankfully, right now it's day time. Yay for cleaning.. It seemed like a good idea last night but now It doesn't seem like such a smart idea when my neck and back are pretty much aching.

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