Sunday, December 5, 2010


So I admit, I haven't done anything more with my cleaning but don't blame me! I keep getting woke up at odd hours of the night because my cat doesn't know how to be quiet and the lack of sleep is driving me up the wall, If I could drive it definitely would be.

I heard a little scratching last night but nothing out of the ordinary, my body clock is definitely out of wack, each time I go to bed I swear there's like a two or three hour difference from the other night, I'm going to end up being awake at one in the morning if I keep this up.

In other news I've been embarrassing myself around my family by jumping at shadows and such, I just feel a little on edge lately and I think it's probably because of the lack of sleep, I haven't been getting much and when I wake up lately it's usually because of the noise level and I feel like I hadn't slept at all.

So my reader total of one, nothing interesting has been going on but tomorrow I'm going to head into town for my usual stuff, like said, nothing interesting. I feel a little bit forgotten by one of my friends who keeps forgetting he was suppose to visit me, bleh.

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