Friday, December 3, 2010


My name is Samantha, call me Sam if you must, but I'm making this blog for no reason really.. I don't except anyone to see this or even comment, this blog is sort of about me and my life I suppose, probably will just be ranting here and there on my life and the weird things that go on around me. (I'm like a weird magnet, I'm pretty weird myself..)

when I was younger I had all these strange events going on around me but I also have memories missing from my mind, I was told it would be best that I keep a journal or a blog about the things that go on in my life since I seem to forget things so easily. My father seems to think I'm so forgetful because I'm stupid and don't eat fish, sorry people, I don't like the taste of most sea food.

I do remember that my years as a child living in the forest surrounded by tree's was certainly something fearful, oh though I use to love the forest at times, I remember being a frightened little child who would sit and cry myself to sleep out of terror when ever I seen a strange shadow or a spider.

I'm of course a female and I'm 18, I was born in may, my time is of course different to others since I live somewhere I shall not disclose to even my nonexistent readers, but I'll leave the clock as it is for my own personally reasons. 

I live with my family consisting of five including myself and my childhood friend, my family doesn't have the best relationship but we bare with each other, I mean, I can't cook and I'm not about to start learning so I leave that to my mother, I do help around the house though.

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