Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging but I've been busy, when I went to set out for town Donna knocked at my door and wanted me to come over, so of course I agreed because we don't get to spend much time together. I noticed something odd in the mirror, it was small and barely noticeable unless you were looking but when I glanced over at the rear view mirror on my side I seen a little symbol. (Donna was driving.)

It was a circle with an X through it, curiously I started at it for about forty minutes in silence until we arrived at her place and went inside. This didn't bother me until I got back into the car and noticed the small symbol had disappeared, I'm sure it was nothing to worry about but It almost felt like there was something odd about it..

Everything was fine until everyone went to bed and the room fell silent and dark, as I watched the light in the lounge room flicker on and off strangely I glanced over towards Donna's front glass door, I stared at it for awhile, watching as over time two large birds flew past the door and into the wall next to the door, Donna's front door doesn't point out towards roads or anything of the such, in front of the door is a wall along with a wall beside it as well.

The night made me glance about furiously since I couldn't sleep and was bored, I always hated being so close to a graveyards. It took me almost two hours to fall asleep, the same thing happened the second night as I awoke both times at 9 in the morning, tired, I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep but I greeted my friends Donna and her boyfriend Dan with a smile. Not long after I had woken up a man came over and they all went outside but me, I could hear short sentences muttered between them but I didn't really feel like listening to them ramble.

I'm home for today since there is a party tomorrow I have to get ready and clean myself up for it since there will be a few old friends there whom I haven't had a chance to hang with, I came back tired only to find most of my food had been yet again stolen by my brother who promised to replace them, but he never replaces anything. Well I'm going to take a nap for now, ciao.


  1. that is most likely the operator symbol, google it to make sure that its the symbol you seen.

  2. Yeah that's it, thanks, I guess I'll look into it more when I get back from Donna's again.