Friday, January 21, 2011

Break in.

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of blogging, I've been busy sorting out school stuff.. But nothing much happened until last night, of course Shawns screaming fits had been getting worse but they left yesterday for a few days.

My family had all gone out, the house was extremely quite except for the tv I was watching, the volume was pretty low though.. I was sitting with my cat when I heard the back door slide open, I quickly yet quietly got to my feet and grabbed the nearest weapon which happened to be a pair of scissors.. I crept around the door of my parents room and peeked out it, I swear I seen an extremely tall man quickly move around the hall way into one of the rooms, but It could of been my imagination..

I closed the back door and peeked around the house but there was no sigh of anyone, so of course I relaxed until I heard something fall and I quickly scurried into the hallway. I was nervous all night, glancing around the door while armed with nothing but my scissors, It kept up like that for an hour before my family came home, nothing seemed taken.. I guess It could have been my imagination playing tricks on me, there's no way a man that tall could have hidden if he had broken into my house in the first place.. But what worried me was the door was locked so it couldn't have been the window that opened it..

Sunday, January 2, 2011


All week I've had this creepy feeling that I'm being watched, during new year night was no exception, It felt eree and strange, I almost swear I swore some one spying on the party involving a few friends of the family and well family. It seems as if my neibours have been disapearing often, I've only heard from the old lady of the house but none of the kids of the parents have been around, I haven't heard or seen them, yet again, eerie, but I'm sure it's nothing as usual, probably gone on a trip.

Now don't you hate it when you hear or see strange things, like shadows in the night or eree repeative sounds, yesterday I couldn't sleep, I laid in bed for 5 hours with nothing but my clock on, I kept hearing the scratching and something else, I don't remember when I fell asleep really, all I remember are those five hours and I guess I must of given in to sleep. I awoke a few hours later, a bit startled from a strange dream that I barely remember now, I seem to be having a lot of strange dreams as of late.

It wasn't until awhile ago I started hearing laughter outside, only thing is, it's far too late for kids to be up since It sounded like a kid and well, It didn't sound normal.. I don't know how to explain it, It sounds so stupid I know, apart from that I hope my trip into town will be pleasant and normal, I need to pick up some cough medicine since lately as well I seem to break into coughing fits randomly. I guess I must be getting a bit sick, I tend to get jumpy and see things when I'm sick, I've been jumping at strange shadows around the house at night.. I guess maybe I should see a doctor but I hate doctors.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! (I'm posting this at 12:00, the beginning of the 1st where I live.) Ugh finally, I've had such a hectic week I don't know where to begin, but I'll talk more about that later, right now I'm too tired to even go watch the damn fire works, I've been up partying with tons of friends all day and night and I'm almost thankful that I can go to sleep now.

Baaah, I didn't even reach my 4th drink, I was so slow at drinking tonight, I was too busy dancing to care about the strange feeling I had, well, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a great day and start of the year, I'd love to start mine off by getting some sleep. I'll post more about my hectic week and so forth tomorrow or so forth, right now, sleeeeep is much needed.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I admit, lately I've been a bit paranoid, glancing at the large group of tree's around my house because I swear there is some one there, perhaps I'm just being paranoid either that or it's just one of my neighbors. My animals continue to act crazy and now I'm even hearing flood warnings referencing the ark and dinosaurs as a joke, It hurts my brain to think that these people even thought these kind of things were funny. I've even been sleeping with my katana by my bed lately because it seems like some one keeps entering our house when no one is about.

I keep finding my stuff moved about in my room and my little wooden art doll in odd positions, it annoys me more than anything when people touch my stuff.. I make it my personal mission to keep dust out of my room, not that I wont get down and dirty when I have to, I don't mind dirt but I rather have a half clean room to make up for the messy art stuff I have laying about.

Almost Christmas aye? Tomorrow is when it all goes down, it's funny because the build up to Christmas has been pretty lame if I don't say so myself, they canceled our carols by candlelight, or what ever they call it these days and I missed the Christmas parade because they failed to advertise it. No one seems to have any decorations up on there houses near by, we use to do the whole large glowing candy canes on the side of our path to our house along with lights, reindeer on the roof and a few other things but it gets so annoying when people keep vandalizing our stuff each year, anyways, have a merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small update.

Hey all, sorry I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to, but you all know how this time of the year is and all, not to mention with all the floods and fires going on I've been focusing a little more on the news.

So my animals have been acting weird, barking at the door when no one is there, we usually keep the screen door closed and the main door open so we can get plenty of cool air in this overly heated house. Speaking of that I've noticed a strange man outside our across the street neighbors, normally it would be nothing to be alarmed about but I know the people who live there and I've never seen this man there until recently, he hangs around outside by they're fence a lot, I can't see his face but I think he might of been the one who was sitting outside of my house in the middle of the road in his car, probably not though, I'm sure it's nothing.

Moving on from that Shawn, one out of three of our house guests (his they're son.) has been waking up continuously screaming each night, he keeps spouting something about killing something in his nightmare, speaking of nightmares I've had a few of my own a lot recently.

Sorry, I'm going to keep this short, I'm babbling because I'm tired, sorry If I made no sense at all! I'll update more often I promise.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A mask and a man.

Sorry for the no new blog entries but some stuff has been going on, nothing too major though.

So it took ages before Donna showed up that day, she was extremely quite and didn't say much but her brother was with her (Which is rare.) but nothing much happened at her place other than the party and so forth. As usual I felt out of place at the party, everything was fine before guest started showing up and then I went completely quite as usual.

I was going to record the long trip to Donna's but I had that problem with my camera and had forgotten to bring it, I'm so kicking myself over that, everything seemed fine though on our trip back and such-Baaah! My dad came in to chat with me and I had to lean over to grab my tablet to show him and my laptop fell off of my lap, It bent my mouses port and made the screen go out of place, my laptop wont last much longer.. I've got to save up for a new one starting next year..

Where was I? Oh yeah, everything was fine even when I got home, despite the annoyance of our guests and such, another friend came up to our place at like the middle of the night crying and so forth because she was afraid of being beaten so we have 9 people in our house again.. Everything seemed to carry on as normal until yesterday when I glanced outside my door to see a brown car with a chubby guy in the car, this isn't what worries me though.

I passed it off as nothing until I noticed his car was sitting in the middle of the road in front of our house, It seemed like he was waiting for some one but he didn't bother using his phone or hitting his horn, I watched him from the corner of my eye for awhile as I went about my business, I didn't bother going outside to see who he was or what he wanted. So after awhile I tried to get a better look at his face which was covered by the dark shadows, I glanced at his lap which had a mask sitting in it, I was curious yet worried so I continued minding my business until he seemed to take off, I didn't hear his care take off so it must of been either a really quite car or I just wasn't really focusing on the noise around me at the time.

I slept a lot today, the rain does that to me, I slept almost 13 hours, I only remember waking up once and I quickly fell back to sleep, I feel really groggy and still half asleep even half an hour later.. So It looks like I will not only be getting art stuff but I might be getting a larger newer art tablet for Christmas, yay? What's this? My parents aren't being stingy? Sorry for the long ass post, I guess it makes up for my lack of blog writing right?

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Every so often I hear a loud ticking inside of my room, but the thing is I don't have a clock or watch, I do have a digital alarm clock but it doesn't make any noise, my friends have heard it too when they enter my room, the noise comes from my door but when I step out of my room I can't hear it. It's happened many times since I moved into this house, It happens at very odd times both during the day and night.

Donna was suppose to come pick me up hours ago so we could head out to her place again and get ready for the party but I haven't heard a word from her and I can't seem to get in contact with her, It's probably nothing though, she probably just lost track of time or her and her boyfriend Dan, whom I cant get in contact with either.

What the heck? I delayed for a minute because I was checking my camera and when I turned it on it showed a video of the back of some guys head, I was confused because this is my camera and no one but me uses it and so I turned it off and on and the same two pictures and video was still there, so I plugged my chip into my laptop and checked it and my files were fine and it went back to normal and those other video's disappeared, It appeared as if they were in some sort of shop.. Very strange, I wish I had a chance to show Grant before they disappeared..

Anyway.. I'm going to wait awhile longer for Donna before I have a nap, hopefully she'll appear sooner or later so we can head on out. Maybe it got flooded out Donna's way since there are tons of floods happening around the place, I was expecting tons of bush fires but seriously It's been raining so much that people had to leave their homes.